It is an exciting sequel to Bash the Teacher that allows us to step back from the daily grind and plunge into unbridled chaos in the lecture room. This game is the perfect way for anyone who wants to relax and have fun, but does not forget the importance of respect and appreciation for educators.

What Has Been Changed?

The graphics have improved significantly compared to the first part, which makes the process even more attractive. Colored and detailed classrooms create a school atmosphere and allow you to fully immerse yourself in the play space. Excellent character animation and funny sound effects give it extra liveliness.

In terms of process and mechanics, the simulator also offers even more variety of tools and tricks to punish the evil school worker. From stealthy locks on classroom doors to parrots that repeat funny phrases. Cupcakes, balloons, eggs, paper planes and much more for you to purchase!

Moreover, there are plenty of ways to make your educator’s lessons unforgettable. Innovative fresh features let you bring your craziest ideas to life and create a real buzz in the lecture room. There are a lot of different items and objects. They are called “weapons”. And all this you are capable of using against your “victim”.

Don’t Take It To Your Heart

However, don’t forget that the continuation of Bash the Teacher is just a game and in real life we should show respect and gratitude to our educators. This project is intended to be fun and relaxing, not to incite violence or disrespect. Therefore, be polite and well-mannered.

Moreover, it is essential to remember responsibility and understand that employees of the educational institution spend a lot of time and energy to help us develop and succeed.

Therefore, you are able to spend time there when you are really furious and have a desire to blow it off and play.

It is also significant to mention that it is a great simulator and arcade to help you relax and unwind. Furthermore, it offers funny and harmless pranks that make you feel like a fun and naughty teenager.

Enjoy the process and experience, but remember the importance of respect and appreciation for teachers in real life.

Bash the Teacher 2